Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My other half

I was born a twin. She has always been my other half. Lindy and I (yes Cindy and Lindy) are not identical and we are polar opposites. We fought when we are young and have grown into the relationship we have now. She is fiercely loyal and will do anything asked of her. I know I only need to ask. She is particular and sometimes peculiar, but aren't we all? When we were growing up, we never thought of ourselves as a pair, we were two individuals who had their own friends and their own interests. Today we share motherhood, sisterhood and the love of VODKA! The bond we have is unspoken and solid. Death will be the only thing that will break it.

I just texted her and asked her to come mop my kitchen floor, two seconds later she responded okay see ya Friday morning. Wow who else but a twin would answer you so quickly. I have done a few things for her as well over the years that only a twin would do. (lets just say they are too private to post and most certainly involves my medical training) but when your other half calls, you answer no matter what it is. I'm lucky to get to experience this life with one who came into the world 1 minute after me. I love ya sow (yes there is a story behind her nickname, that's another story)


Salai said...

Could that story be when she was prego.. LOL.. You are a great sister and a have a huge heart!!!

THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

HA- at least you posted a picture with you both blonde, that way you actually look more like twins than usual!!! & I love you BOTH xo