Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all those mothers I know. Both my children were with me this mothers day. They are both smart, funny and loving kids. I am so proud of both of them. Today I cooked breakfast for my mother and sisters. Was a table full and I had one too many Mimosa's. I did not scrapbook when my children were young and regret all the things I did not document, but I will try to make that up now. I also wish I would had written down all the little things that I remember of my childhood. One thing today triggered a memory.

My mother always cut oranges for me, getting off all the white stuff. To date I will not eat an orange unless all the white stuff is pulled off. Candice and Tommy like to have an orange at 3pm to give them a little boost to finish the rest of the patients for the day. Both will pull all the white stuff of one and give it to me. Today my mom made oranges with strawberry's. The white stuff is powdered sugar. Yum Yum. The first bite took me to our kitchen table and I was eating oranges as a little kid. Love Love Love them this way.

I hope everyone has a memory today. Happy Mothers Day.

P.S. Suzanne, this post was edited to avoid over sharing! LOL


Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

Oh, you've gotta love that deleate button!

Suzanne said...

and the "delete" button - can't have too many of either/ither...whatever.

Salai said...

Happy Mother's Day Cindy Lou!!! Hope you had a great day... SARAH