Saturday, May 23, 2009

Her Hero

I am at Scrappin Away in Fraizer Park. I admit I have been reluctant to come for the past three years, each time Nancy asked me. But its been very relaxing, cool, perfect weather and a massage awaits me in one hour. Ahhhh. I am getting a lot done but cannot post everything right now. There are nine women here, half are quilters and are quilting and the other scrappin.

I just finished this layout. It's title is Her Hero. My little sister Foo Foo (lisa) is the baby and she and my dad are the closest. With fathers day approaching and a perfect shot from last weekend, my fathers 85th birthday, I couldn't wait to put this together. I think it turned out well. More to follow.


april said...

love the layout. glad your having fun, especially after this week. SO jealous, I could definitly yse a massage.. better call Amy.

THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

don't tell Foo, but I AM DAD'S favorite. ahahhahahahahahahahahaha