Sunday, May 3, 2009

Growing Beautiful

Been a busy weekend. Of course it was national scrapbooking day yesterday, so I did scrap some with my pals Nancy and Candra in my happy place. I was able to help Nancy with some more digital stuff and get the base done on a baby gift. I came home to another gourmet ( a nice word that means fattening) meal my hubby fixed. Bacon wrapped pork roast with some white Cheddar mac and cheese that was the bomb, and I know put two more pounds on my behind, and green beans with blue cheese bacon and pecans. Oh my god yummy and tonight he is making Cioppino.

For those who did not know, today is national clean out the garage day, or so Richie says LOL. I had to work on my next class for Simply Scrapbooks. This is the digital version.

There will also be the option instead of Grow, to put LOVE so that you can use it for mothers or fathers day. These pics are from Buchart Garden, Victoria. I had so many nice ones it was hard to choose two. I will be putting the hybrid version together next weekend. Well I gotta get back to work, plus my hand is numb and I gotta rest it! Happy Sunday.

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Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

So pretty Cindy. That mac and cheese sounds good right now since Bill is gone and today I have feasted on cereal and peanut butter.