Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dont Put Baby in the Corner

Thats the most famous line from Dirty Dancing. It was written everywhere yesterday at the Pantages. The day started with the celebration of my niece Tori's 13th birthday celebration.

Tickets to Dirty Dancing. I love love love the movie. Like many of you, I know the words to the songs, can finish the lines. It is along the same line as Pretty Woman for me. I went in with excitement and could not wait to see the transition to stage.

Off we went, Tori, myself, Shirley and Rachie.

I love the refurbished theater. We had good seats and this was the first for Tori.

I would be lying if I said I loved it. It was good, it almost was word for word, song for song like the movie. But what I love about the movie is the strong, James dean character of Johnny. He had to have a little bad boy in him, had to be HOT and had to have the voice. This is where I was disappointed in the play. The actor that played Johnny was English. He tried to hide the accent, but it would come out. When it did come out he sounded just like William Shatner. I laughed out loud at one point because I expected his to say: there is someone on the wing... some one. Rachel looked at me and said why are you laughing. She just would not get it. So if you love Patrick Swayze in the original movie, then you may feel the same. Tori Loved it and can't wait to see another. She said auntie can we come see Legally blonde? I suppose we will as Pantages is so close to us, why not. The track down Hollywood boulevard was fun, but don't do it with a 13 year old. She did not know who Grace Kelly was!! My god I have got to educate this girl.

It is always fun to take a little walk in Hollywood!


Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

Cindy your photos are awesome! Every one of them. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. What a great memory for your sweet niece.

candra said...

I want to go to that theater!! I love the pics too;)

Nancy said...

I want to go next time. Dress up. Girls only. Hollywood. Sounds like a dream to me!