Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to Reality

Well I am back home from Scrappin Away. I had a fabulous time and got all the layouts done that I took, plus a few for Nancy. Here are some of the ones I have not posted.

This is a one of my sisters and mother from last weekend. I have another layout I am working on that has my sister DeDe in the layout as well, I will post that when I get the finishing touches on it.

The Journaling says.
It started with....
Twins! A surprise for this mother of three.
A little sister followed 11 months later.
As young girls they fought terribly. But today
they are best friends, each unique in their own way.
Cindy is creative and a hard worker, never saying no to her sisters.
Lindy is strong on the outside but soft on the inside, she will do another asked of her
Lisa is comfort to the other two. Willing to open up herself and home @ a moments notice
Their mother filled their you with a love, pretty dressed, warm sweaters & oranges with no white stuff!

This is one of my favorites called She Gets Him. Its of my son Garrett and his Girlfriend Heather. The first time I saw them interact, I realized that " she gets him", she gets his moodiness and his love of food. She is something special.

A fun layout here. Three things put together with = Happy Cindy

This last one is a quick layout of the ferry ride to Vancouver.

One thing that was recurrent in most of my layouts this weekend was a lot of layering in little groups. It really worked for me this weekend.
Hope everyone has a great three day weekend. I must go and eat the yummy dinner my Richie made me. The pampering never ends LOL.

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Rachel Welch said...

oh yeah where's my layout? haha do i need a bf to get one? well im working on it haha