Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ahh Thursday, Ahh the weekend is almost here

Been super swamped this week. I have to admit that half of my work stress is no longer an issue. One big load off my mind. My partner in crime, Candy Cane is back to work, but still fairly immobile. But just seeing her face makes me happy and this week and next my other work half will be gone soooooooooooooooo there is light at the end of the tunnel. Had lunch with a friend today and will be starting some one on one digital classes with her. That should be fun. I have more ideas for my intermediate and advanced students come July.

My daughter will be home for the summer from college. I do not have any super exciting plans, but I do want to spend more time with her one on one. Us girls are going to go to Vegas at least once this summer, I also want to take her to the coast and mountains to take pictures. She is so photogenic and I really want to capture this summer while she is still available and not off starting her own life. I really have the urge to document the wonderful young woman. So I hope to take a few days off during the summer here and there so we can have a little fun and I can show her how special she is to me. The kick will be to leave dad at home! lol

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Rachel Welch said...

woo hoo. so we get to go to vegas, the coast and the mountains. sounds fun. But just so your aware im gonna go to long beach the weekend of june 12th for my roomates birthday. And heathers birthday is june 22 so obviously im gonna hang with her that day. other than that im all yours haha