Tuesday, May 12, 2009


God, another day in the bucket thank God. My partner in crime, Candy Cane is down with a bum hip and is on bed rest, so its just me and the big man. No buffer between the two of us is so fun!. Does not leave a lot of time for fun, in fact no time as I need to do some work remotely. But wanted to leave you with a couple pics of my babies. They are so polar opposites. But I am so proud of them both for their individual talents and their success's as well as failures. I am using these photos for a class. I will post pics when they are done. Have a happy 2sday (stolen from the princess's blog)

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Nancy said...

Happy 2sday to U 2, although it is Wed. I am sad that C is on bedrest! That is nearly impossible for a mom w/ littles. I see cutie today so should have an Rx also. Your kids are gorgeous!