Monday, April 13, 2009


Being the trooper I am I decided to jot a few lines down before heading to rest. I just got home from work (7:15 pm) after my 14 hour day. My wrist is very very painful today. The diagnosis is carpal tunnel and I did not sleep a wink last night due to the pain and swelling. So my hubby brought me the wrist splint I needed and I started steroids today to try to reduce the swelling before I leave on my trip. Typing and using the mouse is very painful, so jotting these few words down is a chore. So I am off to ice and elevate and watch the Tudors from last night( I am a tudor fanantic, its a period series about henry the VII). I hope to report no numbness hopefully in the morning, I will keep my fingers crossed or not!

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Suzanne said...

Well crumb! You need those hands for all you do and all you love to do. Maybe this trip will be a good chance to rest them from your everyday grind. Thanks for the post (as painful as I'm sure it was). Take care.