Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well work is super busy, no surprise. Once I got back into the swing of things my hand started hurting again. Which is funny cause my work partner is crime Candice is having hip issues. We saw the ortho doc today. Kinda looks funny and I am sure he is wondering what Tommy is doing to you guys? LOL Anyway while I thought I had carpal tunnel, and I do, but I have ulnar nerve compression. Which causes the last three fingers to be number. So not only do I have to wear a wrist brace I can't bend my right elbow. That's really working well for me LOL.

Anyway Auntie Cindy came to the rescue again or should I say Nurse Auntie Cindy. Ace (Anthony evens) who is my great nephew. His dad is my nephew Chris and mom is April who works for me. He ran into a sink today and had a laceration on his left eyebrow. He was brought to me for inspection and whether he needed stitches or not. After cleaning it up, I ruled that steri-strips would work and patched him up. While I was steri-stripping I said open your eye, he raises his eyebrow but his eye stayed shut. Oops swollen. I said you look like Popeye. He said who. I said Popeye. boy did I feel old. Here is the little guy all bandaged up.

So if ya need a little steri-strippin ya know who to call. I suspect that this will not be the last time I will doing this for this little guy.

On a little note, I have been following and baby Stellan came home from Boston. I am so happy he is doing well on the Rhythmol. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

I know, that is such great news since Stellan seemed near death last week after his surgery. An amazing family and great doctors.