Monday, April 27, 2009

I've created a monster

Everyone who knows Richard, knows he does not embrace technology as I do. His cell phone is to call someone, not to store phone numbers, to text, to twitter, to do anything else. And email, don't get me started. He will never email. Period. You want to talk to him, call him. His phone works both ways is his favorite saying. Of course that does not stop him from asking me to look on the Internet for this or that etc. Anyway while at my meeting, I stayed after one night and listened to a sales pitch and in return I was given an ipod shuffle. I thought I could give it to someone for a gift. As soon as I showed Richard, he said super now I can have one to and here is a list of songs I want you to put on it. OH i said, great. So this am, I charged up his shuffle and sat him in front of Itunes to pick songs. It was too much to ask that I let him got at it, NO he needed my help. Well I guess I could, since 1. He cooks all my yummy food every night and the increase in my hip size too!!! Not to mention the chocolate cake he is baked along with the excellent BBQ last night.

So shuffle fully charged he headed off to the grocery store. He came back just singin as loud as he can putting away the groceries. I stopped and asked him, did you sing in the store too? He said of course. God help me, I have to teach him some ipod manners But until then, I will listen to the howling comin from the kitchen and keep my ole mouth shut! Here is a shot of him singing in the kitchen. He said why did you take my picture. I said, just testing my point n shoot camera LOL


Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

Now you need to get a second Ipod - one for you...with EARPHONES! lol

Nancy said...

I have very poor IPOD manners at the gym, as well. Bob, the trainer on Biggest Loser says it helps you breathe better when you belt it out during cardio. And I am happy to oblige when singing the songs that keep me movin'. So, if Richie would like to join me at the gym???