Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Its Back to Work Today

Well, back to work today. Took an extra day today to go with Candra to UCLA for a surgical consult. I got to play for a few minutes with some photoshop actions. Actions are shortcuts preprogrammed to take some of the steps out of your photo editing etc. Here are two samples.
This is taking a photo and turning it into a curved photo with an edge. This photo is from Buchart Gardens in Victoria, BC.

This action popped some of the colors and contrast of my photo of Downtown Seattle from the space needle.

I was thinking of teaching actions in my next class, but loading them into photoshop elements is time consuming and will take me the whole class, so will have to save that for private lessons I think. However in CS (creative suite), loading actions is soooooo easy and these actions were free. Well all for now, I am sure I will not get to post much the rest of the week, but will try. I will be working on my next Hybrid Class as well as a new blog background using an action and a Vacation photo!!!!

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candra said...

I want an action lesson!!!!!