Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello from Oregon

Well Richard and I left on our adventure yesterday. We fly from Bako to Eugene Oregon. From there we drove to Roseburg where Richards Dad is in a nursing home. We spent the better part of the day visiting with him, or trying to. He is confused at times and with his parkinsons, very hard to hear or understand. Richard did not want any pics taken, he wants to remember him how he was, not now so I have none to show you.

It is so green here, yesterday was sunny and pretty with meadows filled with sheep on both sides of the freeway with big pine trees. So Beautiful. I wanted to stop the car and take pics but we could not yest, maybe today. I do think however that they film the happy california cow commercials here in Oregon, as those pretty green hills in the commercials I have never seen LOL.

So today we will visit some more and tool around roseburg. There are a couple of places I want to take pics at and if its not raining and Richard is in a good mood, Maybe I can convince him. There are ways ya know! LOL

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