Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well work is super busy, no surprise. Once I got back into the swing of things my hand started hurting again. Which is funny cause my work partner is crime Candice is having hip issues. We saw the ortho doc today. Kinda looks funny and I am sure he is wondering what Tommy is doing to you guys? LOL Anyway while I thought I had carpal tunnel, and I do, but I have ulnar nerve compression. Which causes the last three fingers to be number. So not only do I have to wear a wrist brace I can't bend my right elbow. That's really working well for me LOL.

Anyway Auntie Cindy came to the rescue again or should I say Nurse Auntie Cindy. Ace (Anthony evens) who is my great nephew. His dad is my nephew Chris and mom is April who works for me. He ran into a sink today and had a laceration on his left eyebrow. He was brought to me for inspection and whether he needed stitches or not. After cleaning it up, I ruled that steri-strips would work and patched him up. While I was steri-stripping I said open your eye, he raises his eyebrow but his eye stayed shut. Oops swollen. I said you look like Popeye. He said who. I said Popeye. boy did I feel old. Here is the little guy all bandaged up.

So if ya need a little steri-strippin ya know who to call. I suspect that this will not be the last time I will doing this for this little guy.

On a little note, I have been following and baby Stellan came home from Boston. I am so happy he is doing well on the Rhythmol. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Its Back to Work Today

Well, back to work today. Took an extra day today to go with Candra to UCLA for a surgical consult. I got to play for a few minutes with some photoshop actions. Actions are shortcuts preprogrammed to take some of the steps out of your photo editing etc. Here are two samples.
This is taking a photo and turning it into a curved photo with an edge. This photo is from Buchart Gardens in Victoria, BC.

This action popped some of the colors and contrast of my photo of Downtown Seattle from the space needle.

I was thinking of teaching actions in my next class, but loading them into photoshop elements is time consuming and will take me the whole class, so will have to save that for private lessons I think. However in CS (creative suite), loading actions is soooooo easy and these actions were free. Well all for now, I am sure I will not get to post much the rest of the week, but will try. I will be working on my next Hybrid Class as well as a new blog background using an action and a Vacation photo!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I've created a monster

Everyone who knows Richard, knows he does not embrace technology as I do. His cell phone is to call someone, not to store phone numbers, to text, to twitter, to do anything else. And email, don't get me started. He will never email. Period. You want to talk to him, call him. His phone works both ways is his favorite saying. Of course that does not stop him from asking me to look on the Internet for this or that etc. Anyway while at my meeting, I stayed after one night and listened to a sales pitch and in return I was given an ipod shuffle. I thought I could give it to someone for a gift. As soon as I showed Richard, he said super now I can have one to and here is a list of songs I want you to put on it. OH i said, great. So this am, I charged up his shuffle and sat him in front of Itunes to pick songs. It was too much to ask that I let him got at it, NO he needed my help. Well I guess I could, since 1. He cooks all my yummy food every night and the increase in my hip size too!!! Not to mention the chocolate cake he is baked along with the excellent BBQ last night.

So shuffle fully charged he headed off to the grocery store. He came back just singin as loud as he can putting away the groceries. I stopped and asked him, did you sing in the store too? He said of course. God help me, I have to teach him some ipod manners But until then, I will listen to the howling comin from the kitchen and keep my ole mouth shut! Here is a shot of him singing in the kitchen. He said why did you take my picture. I said, just testing my point n shoot camera LOL

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Safe and Sound

Home safe and sound from Canada and Seattle. Was a a long trip and I am glad to be home, really I am glad to have some space from my hubby! We just cant spend that much time together LOL. Anyway already went to work today to catch up since I will be going to UCLA tomorrow with Candra. Hope everyone has a happy Sunday. I am looking forward to Richards BBQ with all the new spices he obtained at the Pike Place Market

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Goodbye Vacation

We head out for home today at 4 am. Our journey starts with a bus ride from Vancouver to Seattle to catch our flight home. At this point I wish I would have paid the extra $$ to fly home from Vancouver, but oh well as I look at it I am on an adventure. I am ready to get back home. I miss my kids, I miss my babies (the animals) and I have had enough of my husband. We can only travel together so long. We started friday at the trolley stop and this was the view.

We spent yesterday on the trolley tour of Vancouver and went through Stanley park and visited the aquarium. The aquarium is small but very nice. Here are a few shots. Realizing I took all pics without flash and in the dark mostly, I felt they turned out well.

Here are a couple shots from Stanley Park.

We ended our journey in the gas lamp district and here is the old steam clock.

Tomorrow will go into work for a little while as I am taking Monday off to take my friend Candra to see a physician at UCLA. You know how pushy I can be, just what the doctor ordered. Hope all is well upon my return.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello from Vancouver

We arrived in Vancouver yesterday by ferry. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we have been so lucky with the weather. It is a sunny day today and the hotel staff state that this weather is so unusual. They usually have rain everyday this time of year. We are taking a trolley tour today and will spend some time in Stanley park. We have to leave at 4 am tomorrow to head home, so will plan a good nights sleep tonight. Its been fun and I have seen some beautiful country.

Here are a few more shots of Victoria, the harbor, china town and the famous Christmas Village. I did not get to shop much due to the time constraints :(

The ferry ride from Victoria. We rode the newest, biggest ferry. It was like a cruise ship. Holding more than 500 cars and 3000 people. We maybe had 100 people on board and it felt like we had the ship to ourselves. This wont be the case during the olympics I am sure.

And our hotel in Vancouver. The Fairmont. Its an old hotel that has be refurbished. The staff is so great.
Well off the take a shower and head out for the day. Richard thinks my blog is more important that him. What can a girls say?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We landed in Victoria, BC this morning. We came on the Victoria Clipper which is a ferry. Seas were rough, thank god for Bonine. I did not get sick!!!! We headed to the Buchart Gardens which were Beautiful. Here are some of the 100's of shots I took. We now head off to find th nearest pub to sample some local fair.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A ferry trip

One of the things I wanted to do when I came to Seattle was take a ferry somewhere. In my mind I was riding the ferry with Dr. McDreamy, but alas I opened my eyes and I was just there with Richie, oh sigh. Anyway, the great weather continued and we took the ferry to Bainbridge island. We had a little lunch and a yummy margarita and came back to the mainland. Was very nice ride. We head to Victoria tomorrow. We are suppose to get some rain tonight and a little tomorrow, then sunshine for the rest of my trip. I have been so lucky as the weather is perfect.

Enjoy the photos.

There is no sleeping in Seattle

Today is the last day for my meeting and we head to Victoria tomorrow am. We spent some more time in the market yesterday. Such a lively fun place. Richard is still trying to figure out how he can get some fresh fish home to make cioppino. Anyway, may take a fairy ride across Puget sound this afternoon. Still blessed with sunny skies and great weather, thou my weather man says it will change tomorrow. He is off getting me Starbucks and Dramamine. He bought me tulips yesterday and they are so pretty. Enjoy your day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yum Yum in Seattle

This morning Richard and I headed off to Pikes Market for a food tour of Pikes Market. It was a lot of fun, great history and great food. We are going back to Ettas for dinner. I tasted the best crab cakes ever there during our tour. Richard was thrown a fish today, but my camera was not fast enough :( I can guarantee that he will be at the spice market for hours tomorrow. Enjoy the pics