Monday, March 2, 2009

Why Monday, why not Sunday

Monday, I hate it. Last week was so busy, more busy than usual, along with illness in my house and too many patients, I just needed more time off. This weekend went too fast and I did not get enough done, all that I needed to get done. Darn it. I thing to stimulate the economy, we should have three day weekends. More people off, spending more money. Well that's a novel idea, but don't see it in my future.

This weekend was filled with trying to take care of a father in law who has failure to thrive and had to go into the hospital for an infected foot as well as a mother in law who has dementia. Its like having kids again. Coupled with doing my taxes and back to the hospital today, I only had a couple of hours free today. I am helping my pal Candice make birthday invites that are Mickey Mouse in theme and require a lot of gluing, in fact I am only half done with my part. But they are cute and will be worth it. I also helped with Baby shower invites for her sisters baby shower. This one was all digital and I layered the elements to make it appear that there is a vellum overlay. I thought it turned out nice.

Lastly, my camera class was on a one week break and starts up tomorrow. I am loving this class, my new camera and my new lens. In fact I just ordered a new wide angle zoom lens to complete my bag. I look forward to showing you some more pics hopefully next weekend.

So if this week ends up like last week, then I will be posting Saturday!!

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Salai said...

I told you to email me and I would help with Mickey's.I am an expert I just did 50!!! Call me!!!