Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking care of me

This week is just as busy and full of pressure as last week that I find it very hard to get a minute to jot down my blog for the day. I also feel compelled to post a picture with everyblog, which I cant possibly do all the time. But this morning is my "nail day" and it got me thinking that everyone needs to take the time to take care of theirself. When I graduated nursing school 20 years ago, I started getting my nails done once a week. This little "me time" started a friendship that to date has been the longest one I have had. (not counting my sissy's). I just connected with Debbie. She is a lot like me, we say what we think, we do not show pretend emotions and we like to explore new places and laugh. My husband recently said, if the economic times keep worsening you may need to cut out your "pampering" I replied, I will go without a meal a day to keep getting my nails done. It's cheaper than therapy! I also pamper myself with twice a month massages, once a month pedicures, waxing every six weeks and my hair done every six weeks. So I guess I may have to cut out one or two of these should my finances change, but never will I cut out my nails


Ashley said...

Those are wonderful traits in you. If everyone could be that real the world would be a better place. I say what are they scared of! Blog looks to see you soon. Maybe class kick off? TTYL

THE PRINCESS of everything ... said...

what was richie thinking???!!