Saturday, March 14, 2009


I look so forward to Saturday, sleeping until I wake up, putzing around the house, scrappin a little. Today I trotted over to my twin sister Lindy's house and used her daughter Tori as my cooperative subject for my photography lesson. I still need to process those images as I am now shooting in the RAW, (not to be confused with in the buff). Prior to jetting to sow's house (long story but we call lindy Sow) i stopped to take a photo of Bitty Kitty (chipper is the name I gave him, but Richard changed it to Bitty Kitty). I say photo, but should have said 20 photos. This weekend our lesson is on lighting. Well bitty kitty was inside a box, playing with the paper. Inside of a box is dark. So taking everything I have learned, I kept adjusting settings till I got it right.

While the tones are a little gold, its a great shot inside a dark box of a uncooperative subject.!! I just patted myself on the back.

More of my pics from today tomorrow with hopefully a couple of layouts. I took some of my daughter Rachie that I really like as well as several of tori that I love as well. On a side note, Tori is learning how to sew and is doing well. She sews as part of her 4H projects and today was fashion fair. She won the gold medal for her aprons. I took her with me this morning to stop of Strawberry patches to get some Minky to make a couple of camera lens sacks and to cover a pad I am putting in my new rolling tote to protect my laptop and camera. She went nuts in the store, looking at all the colors and fabrics. She wanted to make a small quilt, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE suzaanes burpee pattern. So three figures later, she had her stuff and enough to make a burpee cloth too. What was funny is we stopped at Joanns on the way home to get a foam square and she was looking at the fabric, she looked at me and said "the fabric at strawberry patches is so much better, feels better. I looked at her and said to myself, your mom is going to kill me. Oh well, I turned to her and said when I do anything, I use the best. You put a lot of effort into the projects, and using quality does make the difference, learn that now. Somehow I know this is going to come back and bite me LOL. I don't visit strawberry patches enough, just walking in the door today put me in a good mood. Its full of inspiration. I told tori, you have been inspired.! Plus a girl can never have enough Minky!

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Suzanne@Notes from the Patch said...

I'm glad you had a fun time in the store. You know Cindy, YOU could make those burp cloths too! lol No, you don't need one other thing to do but I'm just say'n. You are so generious to take her shopping and spend time with her. You are one of the most giving people I know. She is a lucky girl to have you as her Aunt. Let me know if you girls need any help with those projects.