Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday, thank God

Thank god it is Saturday. I am sooooo tired. For the past three weeks, my work has been so busy and stressful, to the point of almost being unbearable. Candice, Tommy and I really have been feeling it. Top that off with bringing my father in law home from the hospital and dealing with arranging 24 hour care and his noncompliantness, I really need some time to myself. So I hit my happy place and completed a baby book for Candice's sister Natalie. She is having a baby boy and I think it turned out cute. I have only to finish the cover and it will be done.

Well I am off to finish reading this weeks camera class lesson as I am heading to Nancy's house to use the twin's and trinity as my subjects tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

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Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

That baby book is so cute! What a wonderful gift. And those buttons...the perfect touch!

I've been playing with white balance and just had some aah haa moments. No more yellow photos in poor light. Amazing! Who knew? Thanks for your inspiration!