Sunday, March 22, 2009

Picture Day

I am on my next to the last photography class assignment. The assignment was to do portraits or candid shots of cooperative subjects. So I picked the Sutherland Girls. They are more cooperative than my dogs, so I thought no big deal. I crawled and rolled around their living room this afternoon and think I learned three valuable things. 1. Watch my aperture as some of my shots, the focal point was too narrow causing some of my subjects to be blurry. 2. Keep an eye on my ISO and white balance, check my LCD screen more frequently. 3. Lastly- I am so glad I do not have three kids under the age of 7!!!!! I am too old for that. I hope you enjoy some of the shots. But after looking at 100 pics, I am all confused on which twin is which Help Nancy!


Nancy said...

Oh man, I just want to kiss 'em. Super cute photos. At this stage, smiles and arms out is always Felicity and tongue out, well, you know that's little Charity. And just to clarify, it's 3 girls under the age of FIVE! It's a Sircus, I tell ya'! Thanks for the photos. White balance, RAW, ISO, yada, yada, yada. I love them all!

Sue Hamilton said...

Great pictures Cindy. I'm so glad you love to take pictures of the girls. They turn out beautifully!
Thank you, Grandma Sue

Salai said...

The pictures are very nice Cindy Lou. You doing a great job. It does help that those girls are super cute too!! SAARH

Anonymous said...

Thanx Cindy!
It's always great to see their
daily/weekly/monthy progress.
Even scratchs on Trinty's cheek.
Granpa Don