Friday, March 27, 2009

New things

Thank god it is Friday! Another rough week, but its the weekend and I have it filled with a bunch of activities! And you know it involves picture taken cause its my last weekend of my camera class so I have to get all I can! Tomorrow is my bud Candice's son's second birthday. I volunteered to ice the cupcakes. Of course I have never made swirl cupcakes. But I watched a u-tube video and here are the results:

I still need to put the Mickey toppers and sprinkles still. The only thing I think didn't come out as well as I liked was the consistency. I never made it before so until I was piping it out, I didn't really know. But I think it will settle some. I have vowed to keep on trying. My friend Candra is a pro and I am going to make some with her next to learn from the pro. Well stay tuned for some special photos ( I hope) on Sunday.

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Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

Those look GREAT! I don't think they could be better, but be ready for some blue lips and poo! That stuff can be nasty. I'm just say'n!
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