Monday, February 2, 2009

This weekend camera assignment

Okay my camera or should I say photography class is starting the third week. We has three assignments this past weekend, with one being viewpoint. We were suppose to pick a willing subject that would sit in the middle of the room and i was to walk around the subject and take pics from different viewpoints. Well I sat there at 6 pm Sunday and said to myself who am I going to get to do this? I turned my head and saw Roaree sleeping in his little bed on the counter. I said that's who. I picked up my camera and picked up his bed and sat it in the middle of the room taking shots from every angle and level. So I did and Roaree kinda just layed there. As I was lying on the floor level with him, bitty kitty walked up and this is the shot I got. I really really love this shot. While it technically sucks, emotionally it tells my story.

This photo was critiqued by Karen Russell and she agrees that the level and tight crop makes this a great picture. We haven't learned about shutter speed and white balance yet, which she said was my issue of the fuzziness and color, but we will. What I do know is a lens really makes a difference and I am using a rented Tameron, wide angle 17-55 lens. I really wanted to get a fixed lens but for my camera body, its on back order for an unknown amount of time. So I am going to do some research and figure out what to do in the next week as I want to finish this class with a lens that is a wide angle lens. A wide angle lens with a wider aperture will allow me to shoot in low light situations, like in the house of my animals. It blurs the background a bit, which is the style I just LOVE. So I will keep ya updated. I am going to head to Henley's this weekend and check out some different lens. Always like to support local shops. Happy Monday!!


known by many, but not by all as THE PRINCESS said...

do Roarie & chipper do this very often? (the tender momnet that is) Popoki is such an alpha male (or insecure) that he stares Monkey down more often than not. BUT, we see the tender moments maybe once or twice a week. good picture, I like it too!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

hehehehe good shot! :) you're fab!