Friday, February 20, 2009

The things we do for love

Okay, I have been a bad blogger this week, but I have been so swamped at work without a minute of piece and quiet. I thought I was going to have some rest this weekend, But its not on the menu at the Welch House.

Everyone that knows me, knows my husband has two hobbies. Hunting and Nascar. I fully support his hobbies cause he is busy doing them and not bugging me and I get to scrap or take pictures or what ever I want to do cause he is busy. I especially like Nascar cause there are always three races a weekend and the season goes from February to November. Yippee. However..... He came home with free tickets to Sunday's race in Fontana. Now he has never actually been to a race, only on TV. So he said wanna go? Well what could I say, he loves it, he lets me do whatever I want whenever I want so I said sure. I get home and guess what: Honey I thing we should go Saturday too and see both races on Saturday and get Fan Zone tickets. It will be fun! Fun I think.....
Dale Earnhardt Jr is his FAVORITE driver. So I am going to turn a negative into a positive and take my new camera and work on freezing motion. I figure cars going around a track at 200 mph should be the perfect target. So I plan on taking a bazillion shots this weekend and who knows maybe I can meet Kasey Kahne in person he is such a little hottie! I will report back on Monday, yes we are staying till early Monday morning so I can drive back in a rush to go to work. Party on!!

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