Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowel CS4

While it is super bowl for most most of America. Its super bowl training for CS4 for me. While I am trying to work on my taxes (ugh), I have been busy teaching myself CS4. And now back to my photography class lesson for this weekend, but before I go, here is a little layout I did which I played with blending modes and text paths as well as build a custom action that saves my layout for posting, printing and in my folder of layouts in one click!! Happy Sunday


candra said...

Yes, my pics were the BOMB because you took them! Love the birthday candle ones!

P.S. -
While reading the journaling on your lovely page, I think I threw up a little in my mouth;) But then, I'm medicated. (That's the excuse I'll be using this week)

known by many, but not by all as THE PRINCESS said...

ooooooh .... that just might be my fav yet. most beautimous indeed!!!

Suzanne said...

So. What do you have to consume to have a Super Bowel? Chili fries? Onion rings? Beans with a beer chaser? Oh, my!

Your anniversary layout is gorgeous and I really like your new header.

Jessica said...

Very nice :)

The reasons just keep piling up for why I REALLY want Photoshop!

Suzanne said...

Hey Cindy you have to go here
and check out her blog! Just what you've been learning!