Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scan and Stitch

Well with my goal of trying to get published this year in the back of my mine, I needed to learn how to scan and stitch my layouts together so I can submit online. I am hoping to get a new scanner in the next couple of months that will scan 11.7 inches that is in my price range. Anything bigger is TOO MUCH money. Anyway I did a tutorial from Jessica Sprague that showed you how to do it. While photoshop has an action that will do it for you manually, it never matches up to my liking. So here is my first pass at it.

This is a little layout I did for my pal Nancy. Its of course the twins feet when they were tiny. Inside the pic, is their stamped foot. I love the layout and want to submit it as I was my take on one I saw in Creating Keepsakes. However I want to scan it again and see if I can get the colors better.

Well enough CS4 for now, off to do my camera lesson for today.


Suzanne said...

That confirms it. You ARE a crazy person! Learning your photoshop, camera and now this...sheez woman, do you ever rest?

Salai said...

Had fun with you at Close to my heart last night. You are always so funny !!! Sad it is ending it is the only time I ever see you!!! Except for next week LOL See Ya Wednesday!!! SARAH