Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh My God its over and I am 100

Okay, this time of year for me is so gut wrenching. I mean Tax time. I hate it. It always seems we have to pay, no matter what. For the 24 years I have been married, we have always used an accountant. In 24 years, I have spent hours getting all the my data together for the accountant. I would have it all put into a spreadsheet, organized and itemized. It would be delivered with an electronic copy of my quicken file, ready in the event the accountant needed something. For that I had to pay hundreds of dollars for the news that I owe thousands. THOUSANDS!! It is so unfair to me. I am taxed at 45% and still have to pay. Pay money I would never have. Vicious cycle.

So this year I said no more, I am doing turbo tax. I have done turbo tax for my kids for the past four years. Its very easy, leading you through the entire process. So today, I gathered all my information, sat in front of my computer and started the process. At the top of the program, it lists what your refund is and as you go through add the questions, this number changes. So I tried to avoid looking at that number. I entered Richards information and w2, my new business information and P&L. Then the moment of Truth. Up to this point, we were getting a pretty good refund. So with a knot in my belly, I entered my W2. I closed my eyes and hit enter.....

I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at the two little boxes!! In dismay I saw a refund! A REFUND! Can you believe it, I am still walking on air. But deep down, I feel the anger coming through. I thought last year my accountant made a mistake. He didn't spend enough time on my file and mistakes were made. I had to file an amended return for some mistakes he had made. I am really questioning the whole 2007 return right now. But I gotta move on.

What really excites me today is that this is my 100th post! I can't believe I stayed with this whole blog thing, and I am really happy about how it makes me feel. Very cathartic. I would give something free away, but think my audience is still in the infancy stage and anything I could give away, I already do to my readers. So I hope that when I write my 200th post, I will have a bigger audience.

So if you stumble by my 100th post and want to give a shout out, I would love to read comments from all my readers. Have a great weekend.

PS, House of 3 is having a housewarming. I downloaded my new blog header and background. They have many you can purchase. Check them out.


Suzanne said...

Well, I'm glad it's over too cause you haven't posted for a week and I've missed you! Now just pray you don't get audited. Every year when our CPA tells us what we owe he always tells us how well we're doing so I guess you could look at it that way...or move to Switzerland or somewhere.

Congratulations on turning 100! Way to go; keeping it going and sharing your crazy busy interesting life with us all.

candra said...

YAY for a refund!!!! Congrats on turning look 35;)

Salai said...

Happy 100. I love to read your blog. I love it almost as much I a love your layouts, Cindy Lou. I do believe I named you that Huh?? Hope to see you soon. Does Candace still want me to make her some Mickey's?? Email me and let me know!! I can come any time? I would be happy to help. I have some great ideas I just attended an over the top Mickey party I will tell you all the details later... SARAH

Nancy said...

Yeah for the refund. I'm sure last year's guy should have gotten you one too! Keep blogging and creating - we love what you do.