Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Blues

Why does Monday come so fast and last so long. I hate Monday. It's always crazy with too many phone calls and no time the think. So with the rain and extreme craziness of my day, I feel a little blue.

So I had a quick minute before my dinner meeting, fired up my ol laptop and looked at a picture I took with my point and shoot (don't I sound professional) last night at dinner with my son Garrett and his girlfriend Heather. The lighting is not off, that's the flames (fire) from the little cook doing some Teppan.

Garrett has been dating Heather for five or six months now and that is a record for him. Heather is just a little cutie and so sweet, but most of all she gets him. THANK GOD!. I was getting worried no one would get my Duder. She knows he Loves I mean LOVES food and needs food. She also knows he needs his space. I had such a great time and can't wait to do it again.

Well off to my dinner meeting, hopefully I will get to play with my camera tomorrow since today's lesson was aperture.

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Nancy said...

Hey Girlie, Happy Wednesday! It's hump day! I like your new background. And all of your photography. Perhaps a middle of life career change to a bunch of cReative things?