Saturday, February 7, 2009

A long way to go

Well I spent my day looking at different camera lens and different cameras. I really want a 50 mm 1.4 AF-s lens but they are not to be found anywhere for my Nikon and may not be. So I may be upgrading to a new camera as my sweetie of a hubby wants to buy me one Awh!! But I have one last source for the lens and will know tomorrow. This weekends assignment has to do with shutter speed. I attempted today and failed, not thinking about my aperture or ISO. So will try again tomorrow when its not raining. I did get this shot of my little Chole (pronounced coal). I never get her to stay still, but Richie helped me, plus she was waiting to fetch a duck decoy which helps. More tomorrow

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Suzanne said...

The prospect of new lens doesn't sound good! Is Henley's ever getting them? I'm bummed!