Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Sunday

Well I am having a pretty productive weekend. Woke up early to get in touch with one more camera store that might have the lens I want, but alas, after getting through all their double talk, they don't have, said they can get it in two weeks, which Nikon themselves do not know when they will send out more, I or my husband decided to upgrade my camera. I switched to Canon, while I would have like to get the 40 or 50D, I decided to get the rebel xsi. It is equivalent to my D60, but I was able to get my lens that I wanted without problems, have so many more options on lens. I like my Nikon D60. Its great and would not have upgraded if I did not want the fixed 50 mm lens now. I need it while I am still in my camera class so I can get as much out of it as possible. I tried to rent to lens, but was not available, so will have my new camera and lens in couple of days and Plan to sell my current camera to buy another lens.

Today I did do my lesson on shutter speeds. Slower shutter speed, gives you the feel of motion and faster shutter speed, freezes motion.
This picture is a medium shutter speed. It has less blur, but you can still see the motion like the ears flapping back and tail. I like this picture.It was taken on Shutter priority mode, with shutter speed of 1/60 and ISO of 800.

This one also has medium shutter speed, I was taken on shutter priority mode, 1/250 with 800 ISO. Chipper or bitty kitty as he is called, is playing with a dangle toy. He is clear and his coloring pretty, but his paws and toy blurry, showing motion.

What I did learn is a faster shutter speed, lets in less light, So on the next example, if you look closely, his motion is frozen as I shot it at a shutter speed of 1000, but dark because of the faster shutter speed.
However, I can fix it some in Adobe Lightroom, but that defeats the purpose of taking a camera course now doesn't it!

On a last note, my new blog background and header was designed using a freebie from Designer Nicole Young. You can find her stuff here.

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Salai said...

Please post how much you are selling your camera for I have 2 people that are looking for cameras. Raima's cousin and my friend Katie. So let me know !