Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What I learned this week

Okay, I wanted to write, what I learned today, but had to change it to this week. Here is a tutorial I did from Amanda Taylor . While hers looks better than mine, I think its a good try for the first time, doing a complicated layout with several layers and actions and styles. It took me about four hours to complete. While I am only about 90% happy with it. Overall I think its good. But not sure about the background, so here are five choices. Let me know which one you like. I would really like input.!!





Can't wait to see which one you like!!!!


Jessica said...

You really want to know what I think?

Well, first, the colors are cool and you did a great job executing the techniques.

However, I do agree that I like hers better (hopefully no offense). I think it's because her color palette is more neutral and I'm more drawn to that anyway. But the biggest thing is that it takes away from your photo. I have to concentrate to notice your subject. The background takes your attention right away. Then the bright spots of color in the mosaic.
Now I assume that the little pictures are the same as the big one, but I can't really tell. I think you need to work a bit more on changing the colors of photos while keeping the subject clear. I can barely tell that it's supposed to be a human in there. So ... my input would be to focus on the people in the photos and to make sure that the color and design highlight the people.

I hope that helps ...

Suzanne said...

How did you do that? You are getting so good.

I agree with Jessica. The bright background over shadows the photos - you see the color before you see the photos. For that reason I like E the best. Could the large photo be bigger? Don't get me wrong, you KNOW I could never do that (unless you helped me). Great start!

Salai said...

I like E

ponderings of the Princess said...

HA- shows you what I know??!!! I like the bright turquoise crinkled paper (the first one)because to me it showcases the softness of the main picture .... and I see the mini pics as accent and not to be clear and telling a story. but that is just me ?! I am not a neutral gal- I like things to pop. I like some bling. I like mood swingers!

Foo said...

I like E :)

Nancy said...

You really want to know what I think?

I think it's AWESOME that you make the time to get educated about something you love. I think it's AWESOME that you share your gift of talent with others. And, I think it's AWESOME that...oh, I can't think of another thing right now. I like C and E and humbly request that you paste a gorgeous photo of one of my girls into the very same layout. Then you could cut the time in half and say you made two layouts in 4 hours. :-)

Jessica said...

I like B or C ... E comes in a close third :)

Still - a very good job!

Ashley said...

This is adorable. I'm going to have to go with C. Nice work! Your going to teach this one as a class next right!? lol