Friday, January 9, 2009


Thank god its Friday. I never thought this week would end! This entire week has been filled with stress, between work scheduled, computer issues, networking issues, sick calls, managing not only my scheduled but those of others. If never seemed like I caught up this week.

As I was finally settling down last night to go to sleep, I starting flipping channels and came across When Harry Met Sally and it was right at my favorite scene with my favorite quote:

“I’ll have what she’s having.” (Estelle Reiner as Female Diner, When Harry Met Sally)

I stopped and starting thinking of all the things I would like to have that someone else has. I guess what first hit my brain was. I don't want to work anymore. I want someone to take care of me entirely. Just for a month or so. I know several people who don't work outside the home and most of them do not have small kids either. Now you noticed I said outside the home. I know being a wife and mother is work, hard work. Believe me, I am one. But I have to say it is much easier than being a wife, a mother and the primary bread winner. So when I hear "I just don't have enough time to get stuff done", I really don't have much sympathy. Try doing all that you do, plus work full time. I have to cram so much into two days off that there is little time for down time. Granted I have Richard who does all the grocery shopping and cooking. (and purchases shower massages) so I am taken care of in a way. But to have the freedom of time would be great. Freedom to sit at my computer anytime during the day instead of typing this blog at 11 pm to post the next morning, to shop at Costco during the week. Make appointments when ever there is an opening. Exercise at 9 am not 4 am etc etc. Now that would be great. But alas, back to the real world and if for some reason I offended you today, all I can say is Lets swap places for a day, then you would appreciate why I feel as I do.

But in the end, I really would like "what shes having" at least 3 times a week!!! Its much cheaper than Prozac. LOL


Salai said...
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Salai said...

I will gladly swap places with any day of the week. I don't work outside the home but I am plenty busy in our home. Some times I feel like I want what your having. In fact I just asked Raima yesterday if I could go drill for him all night if he wanted to get up 6-7 times with our sick infant, Then get our preschooler ready and deal with a 92 year old man all day not to mention the dr appt and everything else that comes along with him. But it is all worth it and at the end of the day I am raising our children not working so I can pay someone else to. and no one else will see Isaiah's first smile or hear his first word but me. Unless it is you on that day you wanna swap!!! Well I gotta go I am on way to Costco to do some leisure shopping SARAH

January 9, 2009 9:04 AM

Salai said...

Just to add I wouldn't swap forever just for a day .. I have the best job in the world!!!! :)I wouldn't wanna miss more than a day around here they grow up fast!!! SARAH

Suzanne said...

I can't comment on your not getting "what she's getting" three times a week (that's a whole other issue) but from what I have observed about your personality I would guess you thrive on over activity. I have often wondered how you do it all. Gosh, when I was working 70 hours a week I had no time for nails, toes, waxing,and messages and I had to give up my trainer, there just weren't enough hours in my day. I admire you for taking the time to be good to yourself and you do spend a lot of time on your hobby each week. As I told Candra you just need to find a balance between work and "me" time. Probably you need to let some things go. Your health is the most important thing. You always want to be there for all of us (and you are) but "No" is not a bad word. Try saying no to a few things. You might find that your stress level will lower and you'll enjoy what you are doing more. I've been where you are and I can honestly say being where I am now is so much more fun. xo

Nancy said...

Oh, sister. I get it! I totally get it! Anything taken to excess is not good for us. Too much work makes a girl cranky (even if you love what you do), whether it's in the office or in the home. A little balance is all we need to stay chipper! And I'll have what she's having too!! Dear God, Please!!! And don't ya just love those people who tell you how busy they are - yeah, I totally get it! I especially love it when they have no kids or 1 kid!!