Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Some days require extra help. An extra piece of chocolate (or piece of Butterfinger cake), an extra shot in your Starbucks, an extra rep during your crunches or an extra shot of vodka in your Cosmo! Today was one of those days for me. Really it was yesterday that spilled over into today that caused for the "extra's" today. But now as I am relaxing and it seems that we all have these days.

I have come to one conclusion however. I need 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Without it, I need the "extras". I can't keep getting woken up by a cat who walks all over me during the night, making me fearful that he will pee on me again. I'm not asking too much am I? Everyone knows I get up at 4:22 am every day. So I need to be in bed trying to go to sleep by 9 pm, which is doable. Now if I can only get my husband in the mind frame that Roaree should stay out side at night, I would be a happy camper :)

But as I look down at the squeaky noise at my feet, I suddenly realize that sometimes all a girl needs is the wear PINK!

But I am not a big fan of duck, so I will just wear pink!


Nancy said...

Oh man, if anyone understands your dilemma, it's me! Sometimes I still think I hear screaming in my sleep and wake up to help babies, only they are always crying. Try a Benadryl for a couple of nights. Zoe-girl is adorable! Here's to a great Wednesday!

Ashley said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. We deserve a little extra don't ya think?! :)