Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random dinner conversation

My daughter Rachel is home for the Winter Holiday. She is in her fourth year at Cal State Long Beach. Our relationship has been changing over the past year. She has become a woman and I have a hard time seeing her that way at times. To me she is my little girl. But alas, she is 21 and I have to keep telling myself that. She spent her junior year of collage abroad in England. Nottingham to be exact. She went to a foreign country and lived with five flat mates. Flat mates that she met on the Internet. She had a great year and met so many people and made so many friends. She was able to visit France and Spain. She experienced so many things for the first time and I so admired and do admire her courage.

Since returning to the states, its been hard for me to see that little girl. I missed her sooooo much when I look at her now, I see a girl peaking through the woman she has become. We talk about so many different things now. So many things I never dreamed we would discuss but am so glad we do and can.

Lets say dinner with Richard is always a challenge. For those who know Richard, know he has his ideas and opinions and if you differ, he will try to convince you. I never challenge him as it is too exhausting. Rachel pre-England would never have challenged. But post-England Rachel has her views too and is not too shy to express them. That makes dinner fun? She is still a little scared of her Dad, but I am glad she has found her voice.

Tonight we head out for a quick bite to eat at La Tapatia. We are sitting there chit chatting and Rachel says I am one of the few people I know who knows thealphabet backwards even when I am drunk!

Wow, what a talent I think? But all I could do is laugh. So looked at me and said really. So there so goes reciting the alphabet backwards. I continue to laugh, and everyone in the restaurant looks at me. I just think its funny. Of course dinner conversation went down hill from there. Involving beating and baseball bats, leverage and size. Too much information for one blog. But what I can say is, Rachel is so special to me, she is my daughter, my friend and I am looking forward to more dinner conversations.

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