Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Wonder

No wonder I can't loose weight. My husband cooks like this everyday.

Last night was this yummy shrimp and asparagus pasta with salad and bread. I always say no to bread and he always puts it on my plate and I force myself to eat it lol. I am taking this photo class and so tried my hand at this shot, looking at composition. I had to pay attention to what was in my view finder. I did not alter the photo at all. And obviously there was stuff I did not really see that is on the edges. So lots to take in. But loving every second of it. I only have two more weeks with this lens rental. The lens I really want, it not available and to buy it, it is on backorder everywhere. So will probably try another brand, that is similar so I can get the effect. I wish I was as together as my friend Nancy and took the photo a day for a year challenge. But will maybe try one a day for a week soon. Happy Thursday, i have to stop typing so I can eat the yummy chicken my hubby cooked me.!!

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Salai said...

what lens is it Cindy?