Friday, January 30, 2009

My Little Tiger

My little tiger Roaree, or monster as I call him sometimes. Everyone that knows me well, knows that this cat, or "Daddy's kitty" has tried every nerve in my body. He likes to pee, especially on me. Even Prozac did not help his "behavior issues". What we did figure out is he likes to go outside and for the past month, have been letting him go out for a few hours each day. His peeing issue has decreased. No entirely gone, but better. I decided to practice some of my new skills with the camera last night and here are two of my favorite pics of him. Just look at him, how can I euthanize him? (the vets only suggestion left about the peeing issue) The lesson I used to shoot these was to off center the subject and pay attention to what was in the viewfinder. I am happy with them. I shot them in aperture priority, ISO 1600, fstop 2.8. Not that I know what all that means yet, but I will!


ponderings of the Princess said...

I REALLY LIKE the one one were he is looking to the side & you can see the stripes of his bed. that one is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Salai said...

Love these PIcs. You are getting good !!!!

candra said...

AW! i love Roaree! Especially the second picture. Good Job!