Monday, January 19, 2009

The Magic Starts Today

Today starts my photography class by Karen Russell I have waited three months to start this class and am super excited. I read the first lesson today and realize I am really going to have to pump up my time commitment. But I really want to learn how every button on my camera works and what it means. I even rented a new lens to try for half of this 9 week course. So if I am short on blogging, its because I am taking pictures! And of course I am going to blog about this class so if you get board, just skip the next two months. I hope I will learn so much and hope to share it with my pals, of course not Candra, she is way above this, but I can only hope to be like her.

So now I am off to read more of my camera manual and take a shower finally!!!! Happy Monday. I have jury duty starting tomorrow :(

1 comment:

Kelly S. said...

Just stopping by (I,m taking the course too)
Maybe you'll have some free time in jury duty to read your manual;)
Take care and
see you on the boards!