Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm In Love

As i mentioned, I just upgraded to CS4 and am loving all the new stuff I'm learning. God I could spend all day on the computer. I can't wait to learn some more. Here is a peak I just put together stemming from actions. Unfortunately I cannot move this into my Hybrid class as it involves installing actions, which is much more difficult on the elements side than the CS4 side. I will have to see what I can do and maybe translate it into a clipping mask. Will have to see. I out a link on my blog for a site that is very helpful with a lot of tuitorials for photoshopt. Taylor Made Designs. Happy Monday!!!!!

P. S. Today is my 24th wedding anniversary,, so I didn't show him my new layout so his feeling won't be hurt!!


ponderings of the Princess said...

VERY COOL effect. I love it :o) AND- I loved your red top against the leopard print. too groovey.

Jessica said...

I want CS4 too ... maybe someday soon :)

Happy Anniversary! I hope I look that good in 17 years!