Saturday, January 17, 2009

I AM OFF....

No I am not off to see the wizard, thou I did listen to the Wicked soundtrack this morning I just love that Broadway show. I saw it on Broadway in New York then again at the Pantages in LA. I just cannot get enough of it. I think in a way I am a little wicked. But if you know the story, she really isn't wicked, she is misunderstood. In a big way I am misunderstood. I would say only a handful of people truly know the real me. The rest just know what they have heard. Its hard to get into my inner circle. I guess the misconception of Cindy Welch started when I began my nursing career. I had and still have very high standards and if I have to be bitchy to get the care my patient deserves then so be it. I was requested frequently by physicians to take care of their patients, for they knew I was on top of everything. I am not bragging really, just stating the facts. I expected all the other nurses to be at my level. I thought and still think that my level should be the baseline, not the goal. I was constantly reprimanded for being so "demanding", which is another word for bitchy I suppose. So I made few friends. And while this was 20 years ago, I still feel the same, I just don't let it get me "bitchy" But if it was your family member, you would not settle for a "mediocre" nurse, you would want the best.

As I transitioned into the position I am now, I have lost some of that bitchiness as I have learned that I cannot bring people up to my level. Not everyone has the potential. But I still won't settle for mediocre. Which again, leaves most people with the wrong impression.

I am a very direct honest person, I do not intentionally try to hurt anyone, but I am not going to sugar coat something just to make that person feel good. If I have something to say, I say it. Simple really for me, but difficult to handle by those who don't know me. But I am okay with that. For I think I am a very loving, giving person and would do anything and everything I can for a friend. So those who misunderstand me, are really missing out.

So as I ride off on my broom to San Diego to see my sissy, I feel that I am blessed to have those close friends and family around me and look forward to traveling that yellow brink road into my future.


ponderings of the Princess said...

I sooooooooooooooooooooo know what you mean. I think there is a work ethic piec of cloth that we were both cut from. I have learned over the years (many of them frustratingly as a mgr or superv) that GOOD work ethics and expectaions are the exception, not the rule. sad but true!!!!! BUT I know you and I love you XOXO

candra said...

I must say that I feel priviledged to be in the inner circle (at least I think I am anyway.) Yes, you can come off a little wicked (heehee!), but all people are. You just choose to be open and honest, the others hide behind unrealistic personalities. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If I could have multiple personalities, you would be the first!