Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Day From.....

Today was a very interesting day. I have been on jury duty this week, along with starting my photography online course etc etc. I had a morning reprieve as they were doing individual interviews of the prospective jurors due to the subject matter of the trial. So after mani, pedi and my waxing that was previously scheduled ( i schedule all my appts for the entire year, so its all planned out) I headed to the office. I was suppose to leave at 1 pm to head back to court.

Anyone who manages anyone or anything knows when the boss comes back to work after being gone a couple of days, there are mounds and mounds of stuff to do. I was running around the office like a chicken with her head cut off, when a wrench was thrown into my day. We had a minor electrical fire in my server room. Thank god for fire extinguishers.!!! Well needless to say with the fire department, building department, electricians and the choking smell, I was not going to make it back to the court house. Thankfully, the judge excused me and i spent the remaining time cleaning up the mess, taking apart the servers, blowing out all the extinguisher dust, putting them back together.... yada yada yada. Then pick up the reins again, and plow through the backlog of stuff I needed to do. On a good note three super things happened today.
1. My friend Suzanne put a super duper cute pink leopard strap on my new camera bag.!!! Love it.
2. Photoshop creative suite 4 came in the mail today. I am moving up in the digital world. I installed it and now have to learn how to use all the extra buttons, like I needed to add that to my plate.
3. I rented a new camera lens from It came and I put it on the camera. Its ready for my weekend assignment!!!!

So now I must go wash off the fire extinguisher residue and electrical stink off me and get some shut eye. Tomorrow is a busy busy day. Plus Its Candra's birthday and I can't wait to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Suzanne said...

Yeah! Glad you liked them! Have a great weekend.