Friday, January 30, 2009

My Little Tiger

My little tiger Roaree, or monster as I call him sometimes. Everyone that knows me well, knows that this cat, or "Daddy's kitty" has tried every nerve in my body. He likes to pee, especially on me. Even Prozac did not help his "behavior issues". What we did figure out is he likes to go outside and for the past month, have been letting him go out for a few hours each day. His peeing issue has decreased. No entirely gone, but better. I decided to practice some of my new skills with the camera last night and here are two of my favorite pics of him. Just look at him, how can I euthanize him? (the vets only suggestion left about the peeing issue) The lesson I used to shoot these was to off center the subject and pay attention to what was in the viewfinder. I am happy with them. I shot them in aperture priority, ISO 1600, fstop 2.8. Not that I know what all that means yet, but I will!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Wonder

No wonder I can't loose weight. My husband cooks like this everyday.

Last night was this yummy shrimp and asparagus pasta with salad and bread. I always say no to bread and he always puts it on my plate and I force myself to eat it lol. I am taking this photo class and so tried my hand at this shot, looking at composition. I had to pay attention to what was in my view finder. I did not alter the photo at all. And obviously there was stuff I did not really see that is on the edges. So lots to take in. But loving every second of it. I only have two more weeks with this lens rental. The lens I really want, it not available and to buy it, it is on backorder everywhere. So will probably try another brand, that is similar so I can get the effect. I wish I was as together as my friend Nancy and took the photo a day for a year challenge. But will maybe try one a day for a week soon. Happy Thursday, i have to stop typing so I can eat the yummy chicken my hubby cooked me.!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What I learned this week

Okay, I wanted to write, what I learned today, but had to change it to this week. Here is a tutorial I did from Amanda Taylor . While hers looks better than mine, I think its a good try for the first time, doing a complicated layout with several layers and actions and styles. It took me about four hours to complete. While I am only about 90% happy with it. Overall I think its good. But not sure about the background, so here are five choices. Let me know which one you like. I would really like input.!!





Can't wait to see which one you like!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well today is upon us and I already have a million things I want to do, unfortunately I have to work, so it will have to wait.

Last night I came home early (5 pm) and Richie had an anniversary dinner going. He fixed me a lemon, pomegranate martini, rack of lamb, twice baked potatoes, asparagus, salad and bread. It ended with a brownie sundae. He also brought me flowers to work and had flowers at home. All for our anniversary. Needless to say, I was shocked. I felt guilty too as I did not even get him a card. Mind you last year I scrapped him a beautiful card and he said "what did you do scrap me a card?" So that won't happen again. Dinner was super good. Garrett dropped buy to get something and saw all the food and said "can i stay for dinner too?"' So it was dinner for three.

This past weekend marked the end of Duck Hunting season :( That means between now and the start of Nascar, I will have Richie around wanting to spend time with me. Oh Sigh. (yes he takes pics and provides titles for the pics for my scrap pages!!

I worked three hours on a new action and layout in Photoshop CS4 last night. I told Richie that CS4 season has just opened and will be lasting all year. I hope to have it posted tomorrow after the finishing touches. Happy Tuesday.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm In Love

As i mentioned, I just upgraded to CS4 and am loving all the new stuff I'm learning. God I could spend all day on the computer. I can't wait to learn some more. Here is a peak I just put together stemming from actions. Unfortunately I cannot move this into my Hybrid class as it involves installing actions, which is much more difficult on the elements side than the CS4 side. I will have to see what I can do and maybe translate it into a clipping mask. Will have to see. I out a link on my blog for a site that is very helpful with a lot of tuitorials for photoshopt. Taylor Made Designs. Happy Monday!!!!!

P. S. Today is my 24th wedding anniversary,, so I didn't show him my new layout so his feeling won't be hurt!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday update

Well, it is the end of the first week of my photography 8 week course. One goal this weekend was to take a self portrait of myself and the camera, and here is what I came up with.

I rented a lens to try and too 300 photos at The Sutherland Twins First Birthday on Saturday. From what I have read, I should have gotten about 20 good ones, and here are three of my favorites. I did get several good ones, and don't want to spoil any fun that Nancy has planned for her blog. Why I like these, is mostly the lighting and how there was a focus with blurred background, which is my favorite technique for right now. I have another lens coming in three weeks, which I think will be the lens I buy. I can't wait to try it. So I will keep snapping away.

Hope everyone has a quiet Sunday, no I will get back to Photoshop CS4 and learn to blend photos better.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I am sooooo excited

Okay, today has been a very busy day between work, Nana's birthday lunch and The Sutherland twins first birthday party. But I did learn something new today. I recently bought myself a little treat. Photoshop creative suite. One thing that is great is you can do custom text paths. So I can type into any shape and outside any shape. Wow. what fun. Here is a little sample of one of the things I worked on. More to come.!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Day From.....

Today was a very interesting day. I have been on jury duty this week, along with starting my photography online course etc etc. I had a morning reprieve as they were doing individual interviews of the prospective jurors due to the subject matter of the trial. So after mani, pedi and my waxing that was previously scheduled ( i schedule all my appts for the entire year, so its all planned out) I headed to the office. I was suppose to leave at 1 pm to head back to court.

Anyone who manages anyone or anything knows when the boss comes back to work after being gone a couple of days, there are mounds and mounds of stuff to do. I was running around the office like a chicken with her head cut off, when a wrench was thrown into my day. We had a minor electrical fire in my server room. Thank god for fire extinguishers.!!! Well needless to say with the fire department, building department, electricians and the choking smell, I was not going to make it back to the court house. Thankfully, the judge excused me and i spent the remaining time cleaning up the mess, taking apart the servers, blowing out all the extinguisher dust, putting them back together.... yada yada yada. Then pick up the reins again, and plow through the backlog of stuff I needed to do. On a good note three super things happened today.
1. My friend Suzanne put a super duper cute pink leopard strap on my new camera bag.!!! Love it.
2. Photoshop creative suite 4 came in the mail today. I am moving up in the digital world. I installed it and now have to learn how to use all the extra buttons, like I needed to add that to my plate.
3. I rented a new camera lens from It came and I put it on the camera. Its ready for my weekend assignment!!!!

So now I must go wash off the fire extinguisher residue and electrical stink off me and get some shut eye. Tomorrow is a busy busy day. Plus Its Candra's birthday and I can't wait to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Capturing My 2009 Resolution

In trying to achieve my goal for 2009, to get published, I have decided to post to more gallery's and challenges this year. On top of my photography course that started yesterday! So here is one challenge I posted on It is a blog challenge from designer Danielle Young to scrap your resolution using 50% of her items.

Here is the digital items I used on this layout.
Mayflower Kit by danielle young
Word Art:
Photography Word Art by Ali Edwards
Resolution word art” Resolutions_EmbraceLife_SandeKrieger_MemoryMakers
Heart: Breezy Hearts by Lynn Grieveson
Torn N Tattered Paper Templates No.1 (PSD & PNG)
By and © Anna Aspnes 2008
Fotoscrapix Inc.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Magic Starts Today

Today starts my photography class by Karen Russell I have waited three months to start this class and am super excited. I read the first lesson today and realize I am really going to have to pump up my time commitment. But I really want to learn how every button on my camera works and what it means. I even rented a new lens to try for half of this 9 week course. So if I am short on blogging, its because I am taking pictures! And of course I am going to blog about this class so if you get board, just skip the next two months. I hope I will learn so much and hope to share it with my pals, of course not Candra, she is way above this, but I can only hope to be like her.

So now I am off to read more of my camera manual and take a shower finally!!!! Happy Monday. I have jury duty starting tomorrow :(

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My First Attempt

Today was a very low key day,( i am at my sissy's in San Diego and there is no hot water!) In keeping with the theme of feeling blue today, I decided to make a new background for the blog, of course throwing in some leopard, my favorite color. Thanks to Rhonna Farrer for inspiration, one of my brushes that I used for the sides. You can catch her blog here, and her digital stuff here. I love her stuff and have used it over and over and over.

I also found some tutorials and freebies at Nancy Young Designs. Very fun to read.

Despite staying in my PJ's all day ( since there is no hot water, it means no shower) I did manage to take one picture. As I was sipping my pomegranate martini, I turned and looked out the window and this is what I saw.

BEAUTIFUL. A great end of the day, well the prime rib and butterfinger cake that Richie is making doesn't hurt either.

Feeling a little blue today

Just felt a little blue today, so decided to change up my header and color scheme again. Been reading a lot of tuitorials and watching tuitorials online and decided to upgrade to photoshop creative suite. So many actions and masking that can be done, so can't wait till it gets here. Of course it helps to have a daughter in college so you can get the student discount! more than half the price. I also am starting at 12 week photography course from Karen Russell. This begins tomorrow and I have a lense coming that I rented for three weeks so I can decide if its the one for me! I so cant wait. Well back to the drawing board. Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I AM OFF....

No I am not off to see the wizard, thou I did listen to the Wicked soundtrack this morning I just love that Broadway show. I saw it on Broadway in New York then again at the Pantages in LA. I just cannot get enough of it. I think in a way I am a little wicked. But if you know the story, she really isn't wicked, she is misunderstood. In a big way I am misunderstood. I would say only a handful of people truly know the real me. The rest just know what they have heard. Its hard to get into my inner circle. I guess the misconception of Cindy Welch started when I began my nursing career. I had and still have very high standards and if I have to be bitchy to get the care my patient deserves then so be it. I was requested frequently by physicians to take care of their patients, for they knew I was on top of everything. I am not bragging really, just stating the facts. I expected all the other nurses to be at my level. I thought and still think that my level should be the baseline, not the goal. I was constantly reprimanded for being so "demanding", which is another word for bitchy I suppose. So I made few friends. And while this was 20 years ago, I still feel the same, I just don't let it get me "bitchy" But if it was your family member, you would not settle for a "mediocre" nurse, you would want the best.

As I transitioned into the position I am now, I have lost some of that bitchiness as I have learned that I cannot bring people up to my level. Not everyone has the potential. But I still won't settle for mediocre. Which again, leaves most people with the wrong impression.

I am a very direct honest person, I do not intentionally try to hurt anyone, but I am not going to sugar coat something just to make that person feel good. If I have something to say, I say it. Simple really for me, but difficult to handle by those who don't know me. But I am okay with that. For I think I am a very loving, giving person and would do anything and everything I can for a friend. So those who misunderstand me, are really missing out.

So as I ride off on my broom to San Diego to see my sissy, I feel that I am blessed to have those close friends and family around me and look forward to traveling that yellow brink road into my future.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Okay, those who know me, know that my day is fast paced and crazy. So many patients, calls, testing, rounding etc etc etc. I have a blackberry strapped to my hip as every referring doc has that number. Anyway, today, I picked it up and what do I see but the name of one of my favorite, if not THE FAVORITE designers Rhonna Farrer's name. She left a comment on my blog. Well needless to say, I am walking on air. I cannot believe it. I just love her stuff and you can catch her blog here Check it out, she is really showing some neat stuff. I can't wait to get photoshop CS so I can do even more!!!

Well off to my Hybrid 101 class. Looking forward to meeting the students and starting this journey

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sneak Peak

I have been working on the February Hybrid class. Masking was requested. I decided I would do a simple heart mask and show how to use a shape as a mask. I also will be throwing in a more decorative mask for the class but will not be posting this one. For those who know me, know how hard it was for me to write on this layout. I hate my handwriting. But when I sat down to type out a list, it seemed so less personal and I wanted Rachie (my daughter in the photo) to know how special she is. I am also sure my friend Suzanne will notice the sewing holes minus threads on the right hand side. I stitched with my sewing machine, but it sucked. So I took it out and like just the holes. I think I need sewing for dummies. I dint think its the machine, its me. I simply do not know which dials to turn to make a perfect stitch. I guess I will have to read this manual. Ugh. Oh well I am glad that the imperfect sewing on my layouts is my signature so my friends don't seem to mind much. I think the next time I have time off during the week, I am just going to sit and watch Suzanne sew! Maybe her genius will rub off on me!

Well back to the old drawing board!
PS photo courtesy of my Pal Candra

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Learning something new

Today, I learned how to add a custom blog background to blogspot. I downloaded this freebie from Rhonna Farrer's blog. She included directionsk and thank god I have a little computer savvy. But isn't it GEORGOUS!!!! Now I have to try and make one of my own, which will take a while, due to learning the size. But just love love love the option to have it. Thanks Rhonna

PS I had to change my banner today to match the freebie from Rhonna!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random dinner conversation

My daughter Rachel is home for the Winter Holiday. She is in her fourth year at Cal State Long Beach. Our relationship has been changing over the past year. She has become a woman and I have a hard time seeing her that way at times. To me she is my little girl. But alas, she is 21 and I have to keep telling myself that. She spent her junior year of collage abroad in England. Nottingham to be exact. She went to a foreign country and lived with five flat mates. Flat mates that she met on the Internet. She had a great year and met so many people and made so many friends. She was able to visit France and Spain. She experienced so many things for the first time and I so admired and do admire her courage.

Since returning to the states, its been hard for me to see that little girl. I missed her sooooo much when I look at her now, I see a girl peaking through the woman she has become. We talk about so many different things now. So many things I never dreamed we would discuss but am so glad we do and can.

Lets say dinner with Richard is always a challenge. For those who know Richard, know he has his ideas and opinions and if you differ, he will try to convince you. I never challenge him as it is too exhausting. Rachel pre-England would never have challenged. But post-England Rachel has her views too and is not too shy to express them. That makes dinner fun? She is still a little scared of her Dad, but I am glad she has found her voice.

Tonight we head out for a quick bite to eat at La Tapatia. We are sitting there chit chatting and Rachel says I am one of the few people I know who knows thealphabet backwards even when I am drunk!

Wow, what a talent I think? But all I could do is laugh. So looked at me and said really. So there so goes reciting the alphabet backwards. I continue to laugh, and everyone in the restaurant looks at me. I just think its funny. Of course dinner conversation went down hill from there. Involving beating and baseball bats, leverage and size. Too much information for one blog. But what I can say is, Rachel is so special to me, she is my daughter, my friend and I am looking forward to more dinner conversations.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Thank god its Friday. I never thought this week would end! This entire week has been filled with stress, between work scheduled, computer issues, networking issues, sick calls, managing not only my scheduled but those of others. If never seemed like I caught up this week.

As I was finally settling down last night to go to sleep, I starting flipping channels and came across When Harry Met Sally and it was right at my favorite scene with my favorite quote:

“I’ll have what she’s having.” (Estelle Reiner as Female Diner, When Harry Met Sally)

I stopped and starting thinking of all the things I would like to have that someone else has. I guess what first hit my brain was. I don't want to work anymore. I want someone to take care of me entirely. Just for a month or so. I know several people who don't work outside the home and most of them do not have small kids either. Now you noticed I said outside the home. I know being a wife and mother is work, hard work. Believe me, I am one. But I have to say it is much easier than being a wife, a mother and the primary bread winner. So when I hear "I just don't have enough time to get stuff done", I really don't have much sympathy. Try doing all that you do, plus work full time. I have to cram so much into two days off that there is little time for down time. Granted I have Richard who does all the grocery shopping and cooking. (and purchases shower massages) so I am taken care of in a way. But to have the freedom of time would be great. Freedom to sit at my computer anytime during the day instead of typing this blog at 11 pm to post the next morning, to shop at Costco during the week. Make appointments when ever there is an opening. Exercise at 9 am not 4 am etc etc. Now that would be great. But alas, back to the real world and if for some reason I offended you today, all I can say is Lets swap places for a day, then you would appreciate why I feel as I do.

But in the end, I really would like "what shes having" at least 3 times a week!!! Its much cheaper than Prozac. LOL

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Some days require extra help. An extra piece of chocolate (or piece of Butterfinger cake), an extra shot in your Starbucks, an extra rep during your crunches or an extra shot of vodka in your Cosmo! Today was one of those days for me. Really it was yesterday that spilled over into today that caused for the "extra's" today. But now as I am relaxing and it seems that we all have these days.

I have come to one conclusion however. I need 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Without it, I need the "extras". I can't keep getting woken up by a cat who walks all over me during the night, making me fearful that he will pee on me again. I'm not asking too much am I? Everyone knows I get up at 4:22 am every day. So I need to be in bed trying to go to sleep by 9 pm, which is doable. Now if I can only get my husband in the mind frame that Roaree should stay out side at night, I would be a happy camper :)

But as I look down at the squeaky noise at my feet, I suddenly realize that sometimes all a girl needs is the wear PINK!

But I am not a big fan of duck, so I will just wear pink!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Love Is All Around

Love all around us. That popped right into my head when I saw this picture and started to create this page for my family book.

This is my sister Lisa, or as we call her Foo Foo. I can't remember why we call her Foo Foo, but that's what we call her. The love that is wrapped around her is Rebecca, or gigit as I like to call her. Don't know why, it just popped into my head and stuck. Unfortunately lots of things pop into my mind everyday, most are pretty scary!

Love comes in many ways. Some may say this love is wrong. But I would say, you don't understand this love, so it's wrong to you. I have always accepted my sister and her choices. That's what sissy's do. Funny growing up, we were not close. Today, we are the closest I think. We talk to each other almost every day. I can't go too long without seeing her. She supports my thoughts, wishes and dreams without question, just as I do the for her. Gigit is the best "sister in law" a girl can have. The biggest asset is that my husband Richard LOVES her! I mean loves her. Why, I don't know, maybe cause she gets him and does not judge him. For those who know him, that can be hard at times. He has a rough outside, but inside he is a teddy bear and would do anything for those he loves.

Life can't be perfect, if it was then all the soul mates in the world would be together. It makes me happy that Foo Foo found hers. As you know, there is only one soul mate for each person. I stumbled onto a book about soul mates recently and here are some bits and pieces I loved.

"One never consciously seeks out one's soul mate...The soul mate finds you. He or she merely appears in one's life when the right time and circumstances come."

"When soul mates meet, there is from the very beginning instant recognition of each other stemming from the very core of their beings, and this recognition has an aura of certainty that defies logic. This is commonly called 'love at first sight'."

"Soul mate relationships can never be one-sided, for the two meet because they are mutually attracted to each other in this incarnation from the highest levels of their consciousness. If they did not attract each other, they would never have met in this lifetime."

"A soul mate encounter brings about a stirring of soul memory and one recognizes a soul mate intuitively from the very recesses of the soul."

"When it's time for souls to meet, there's nothing on earth that can prevent them from meeting, no matter where each may be located on planet Earth."

"A soul mate encounter is spiritually uplifting."

"There can only be one soul mate for each person because only one individual can be a perfect partner at all levels of his or her being and only one individual (which is the other half) who can share exactly the same pattern of soul evolution and destiny."

"Karmic partners are often mistaken for soul mates because some karmic encounters are very strong or powerful."

"Soul mates may or may not be partners in life, legally speaking. And more often than not, they may not be married to each other. That is, perhaps, the reason why so many marriages flounder."

"We must realize that we seldom meet a person by accident. Almost everyone we meet in this lifetime is an old acquaintance we met in a distant past."

"A meaningful encounter between two individuals is always karmic in character. Deep friendships are of the same category. Parent and child, boss and subordinate, and sweetheart relationships are also karmic."

"A true soul mate encounter has no ifs or buts.

So I have had many many karmic encounters in my life and know I will have more. So if we never meet someone by accident, then why can't I meet McDreamy? I guess I will have to add that to my "To Do List"!!