Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yes I Believe

My pal Candice or Candy Cane, as I like to call her, had a special visitor to her house the weekend before Xmas. That's right Santa. I of course had my camera ready. Well it was ready, but I am still in the learning phase. Can't wait to take my camera class from Keri Russell. I really would prefer my pal Candra, but when the two of us gals get together, we simply can't stay on track. Anyway back to my story. Looking at these BEAUTIFUL pictures, I realize that I too still believe in Santa. There is always someone there for each and everyone of us throughout the year. This person brings us Joy. They never ask for anything in return and continue to give and give and give. I have such a person. Without this Santa, my life would be lost. So thank you Santa. Your the best present a girl can get!!

Most of the pictures above are of my employee's children or nieces. Still makes me feel all joyful when I look at them. Happy New Year everyone.

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Nancy said...

A) That is the BEST Santa EVER!! Way beter than our 14 year old Santa who squeeked when he talked. B) Good girl to keep it all on the downlow...I am right there with ya! C) Great photos and gorgisimo layouts and D) I got my laptop today!!! :-)