Monday, December 22, 2008

Wow how time flies

Well, I have had some super busy days, work is endless, more than endless and I cant wait till this year is over. It's always busy as all these patients decide on Dec 10th that they need to get in before the end of the year, and with Tom gone the last week, it leaves me little time to get them in, thus all I hear is complaining. But if "i have been sick for two weeks" is so important, why didn't you call me two weeks ago? Seems simple to me.

Last night was our Xmas party, and I hate to admit it, but I think I have a little hang over today. My pal Candra helped me in the eyelash department. We played dress up Sat and I looked a little glamorous for the Santa party at Candice's Saturday! So I tried to recreate the look Sunday for my party. It only took me a hour to get those lashes on. But the end result was fun. Now most of my employees have never seen me with make up, so I like to give them a little shock now on then to keep them on their toes!

Well I must get going, I am tired, too tired to hang out with my pal Candra tonight, oh sigh! I guess I will have to get my Mississippi Girl fix tomorrow! Merry Christmas everyone


Suzanne said...

Wow girl is that you? Luking good!
Hey, I saw the Christmas card you did for Debbie and loved the leopard. We were all bragging on you and how tallented you are. Good job!

candra said...

Yes, tomorrow!!!!! Shopping?

Nancy said...

You look beautiful and happy! Merry Christmas to you guys! Love, Nancy