Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Simple

It's very simple, don't piss me off! In today's economy, we all are trying to find ways to cut our costs. I decided that the $150.00 a month I was paying for cable and Internet service was too much. My son Garrett had the same service for $100.00 a month. So I called Brighthouse and said, I want my bill to be lower. I want it to be a $100.00 a month just like my sons. They said sorry, no can do. I said my son lives a half a mile from me with same services and he pays less. They said its a promo. I said I will cancel my service if you do not lower it. They said hold please, let me check. They came back on the line and said we can lower to 130.00 a month. I said no, I want $100.00. Well needless to say, they did not do it and I switched to direct TV. Thus I needed to change my Internet service since I will not pay brighthouse another dime! I received my new DSL modem in the mail today and just set it all up. Tomorrow I am going to take my box back and give them a piece of my mind. And yes, I know pay $80.00 a month total with an extra DVR in my bedroom!!!!


candra said...

yeah cindy!

Nancy said...

I did the same thing a few months ago - went to AT&T/Dish for the whole thign - phone, internet, cable and cell. Bye bye Bright House! You go girl!