Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Gift that keeps on Giving!

This weekend has been so crazy, I need more time, really need more time to get all I need done. With working the day after Xmas, my entire mojo is off. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.

As with every weekend during hunting season, I get some free time Friday night and Saturday. My husband leaves early afternoon Friday and heads out to "the club", the duck club that is. Its like book club for hunters. He takes our lab, chole and spends the time eating, drinking and hunting. Here he is with his best bud Mike Rigby and the "two girls" in their life, Chole and the newest addition Daisy. Richard is such a good scrappin husband as he always brings me pictures each weekend and usually a couple of titles for my pages!

But while he is hunting, he is always thinking of me and installed my new shower massage before he left. For those you know me really well, know I have a smile on my face. :)

Saturday was spent with my pals Candra and Nancy. It was Nancy's b-day, or appreciation day as I like to call it. We spent the day scrappin in my BEAUTIFUL scrap room and then headed to my house where Richard made us prime rib dips and I make jungle juice martini's. YUMMY. Now all the girls needed was a "shower"! ha ha. No Richard, not together!

My niece Tori joined us ladies and we had to curb the girl talk from time to time, but I can say, that for a 13 year old, she knows some things i didn't even know. Whats up with that? Well I gotta get back to the crazy Sunday with the rest of my family making an appearance. I am going to need a week and a few showers to get my sanity back.

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