Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family is forever

This line I bring up often to my children. Especially Garrett. I wonder what I did wrong sometimes when I see him interact with his sister Rachel. Will they ever be close? Will they ever be as connected as I am with my sisters? I am putting together a family book from all the pictures that Candra took during Thanksgiving. I think its so important to put down these things on paper for future generations. I tell my kids, you will appreciate it when I am dead. They say oh mom, stop saying that. But it's true. So I will continue my passion of being a life artist and document memories for my friends and love ones. If I can just turn it into a career I would be totally happy. For now I will keep typing along. But here are some pages I just worked on. Looking forward to the New Year


Suzanne said...

Your layouts are fantastic! As for your children getting along; time will tell. Mine fought as kids and still have a strained relationship. A parents wish is always that their children get along no matter what the age but sometimes that just doesn't happen.

candra said...

I think that these are beautiful!