Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beep, chirp, piercing sound

Okay, I am sooooo close to burning down my house!!!! It started Monday at 2 am. A little or should I say a loud beep sounded, waking me up. I listened. Nothing happened. 2o minutes later it did it again, by 4 am I was running around the house trying to find where this nasty beeping was coming. Alas, it was one of the smoke alarms, but when one chirps, they all chirp! So i got ready and went to work, I was up. My last words was "Richard, you better find out what is going on the them by the time I get home. Well got home, ate a nice dinner and went off to read my book and go to sleep. Right on the dot at 9 pm it started up again. Ugh, I woke up Richard and said they are beeping again!!!!!!!! Did you check them? He said, it was not doing it when I got home, I said, that's the right answer. So off I went, riping every one down, unplugging them and taking out the battery. I went back to bed, closed my eyes and BEEP!!!! Of course there are two more smoke alarms in my Mom and Dads wing of the house, but they are asleep! So I stuffed a hole into the nearest hole, put a pillow over my head and tried to get some sleep. My last words again, Richard, check my mom and dads wing and see what is wrong.

So tonight, I am sitting at my computer, working on a blog banner and what happens BEEP. I go running in the bedroom, RICHARD THE BEEPING STARTED AGAIN DIDN'T YOU FIX IT? Well I reset it and it stopped. I said, did you check my moms wing? He said no, it stopped doing it. So hear i go again, ripping them all off the ceiling. Of course Richard wont let me get the 18 ft ladder from the garage so I can reach the last one. I swear I'm made enough to burn this house down!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, I guess a shot of grey goose and ear plugs are in order. Night Night

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Suzanne said...

You are too funny! Those dang things are so annoying; kinda like car alarms hum? Hopefully you won't have a reason to need them for real (CAUSE THEY ARE ALL DISARMED!).