Sunday, November 30, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Wow, since Wednesday night I have been going nonstop. Cooking, shopping, cooking, family pictures, cooking and now I am in Vegas. Boy, my feet are killing me, but this Cosmo tastes sooooo good. Can't wait to share pics that my pal Candra took of my entire family on Saturday. Will share when I get them. Debbie and i are Xmas shopping in Vegas. Had some great sushi and now I am typing while she is wrapping. Okay if your present has too much tape, its not my fault its the Vodka! Have a super week, I am on vacation and can't wait to catch up on my sleep.

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Suzanne said...

Save some shopping and vodka for me - I'll be in Vegas next week! Bill has a conference there and I get to tag along to shop and rest and eat. Have fun!