Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Prince

Prince. It's what every girl wants when she grows up. But the one that rides up on a white horse is just make believe. I know many women have their prince. Suzanne writes in her blog all the time about her prince, her husband, he even got her a carriage ride in Europe this summer! So sweet. I have a couple of princes if I really think about it. While my husband may not be a knight in shinning armour, he does do many nice things for me. I always have milk in my frig to make my latte's in the morning. There is always dinner on the stove when I come home from work and he ignores all the mess in the house because I just need to veg on Sunday ( or as he calls it Scrappa Doing). I have a best friend who I can call a prince. Tommy takes the majority of my hormonal abuse each day without every throwing it back in my face. He may say oh sigh a couple of times thou. He listens to all my scrappin, bloggin, cat peeing drama without acting board. Maybe I am a reminder what happens when the neurosis starts to take over, but without him, I am sure I would be SUPER crazy. The third prince in my life is my son Garrett. He is not the typical prince per say. But what you does for me, is all the little things that mean the most like filling my car up for gas, changing over my cable to save money, getting my weekly vanilla diet coke and lastly charming me into something everyday which always makes me smile. So I guess that makes me a Princess right? But what I really know is that this little guy is a prince to his parents Lesa and Brian Payne. This is the cover to the book I did for them


Suzanne said...

Loved your post Princess. We all have our princes; we just need to be able to recognise them and appreciate them, huh? You have raised a loving, thoughtful son that will make a prince of a husband for someone. You should be very proud of him. Loved the layouts. Great job.

PS I'm laying in bed drinking my Starbucks that Bill ran over to get me. Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am. xo

candra said...

You are definitely a Princess (or maybe a queen)!