Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Monday

Monday, Monday...... You get the picture. Mondays are never great. But wasn't super bad today. I spent most of the day connecting all the necessary "stuff" to Tommy's new iPhone. I guess instead of Nurse Cindy I was IT Cindy today. Got it done, with lots of "oh sigh's". So now I must be a pro! LOL I decided not to work in my happy place tonight as I needed to go home and work on some digital stuff. What I can always count on is Richie's Diner.

I am one of the lucky ladies whose husband cooks 99% of the meals. Tonight is no exception. So I can just sit my fanny down, work on my computer until din din is ready :) I hope everyone has such a great Monday night!

PS, roaree peed again today, OH SIGH!

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