Monday, November 10, 2008

I think I'm the one that needs the Prozac!

Okay, today is gonna be a long post. For those who know me well, know that I have a fancy for or some may call it an obsession with Leopard. To me leopard is my favorite color. Because of this I really wanted a Bengal kitty. They are a breed of cat that descends from Asian snow leopards. They come in a couple of colors but look like little leopards. I am also married to a man who is allergic to cats. To make a long story short, he let me have one. Now my family almost fainted as my husband Richard HATES cats. But needless to say, my first Bengal cat names Roaree is really Daddy's kitty. He absolutely LOVES Richard and not me. Thus I had to get a second one named chipper for Mama could have a kitty, and he truly loves me best, but of course he thinks his name is bitty kitty cause Richard refused to call him chipper

Anyway, Roaree has been a very high strung cat. He wants what he wants and if he gets mad, he likes to pee on doorways if they are closed to him, on Richards hunting stuff and on all the dog beds. It seems like he wants to go outside all the time. Thus we spend a couple thousand dollars building a contained Kitty Korral so he can go out the doggy door anytime he wants and be outside. However that was not good enough, he wanted to go out front. So Richard had a gate made so he can go out the front door and see whats going on out front. He still wants more. I got so tired of the peeing, I took him to the vet and he was put on anti-anxiety meds called Elavil. While it reduced to peeing, he still peed. He was then put on Prozac. Again it reduces the peeing but he still does it. The only suggestion now from the vet is to either live with the peeing or euthanize him. The thought of this depresses me to the max. My thought was lets just make him an outside cat. Of course Richard feels this is worse than death as he is used to a warm comfy house with food and treats galore. To put him out would be cruel. But if something doesn't change I think I will SNAP. Thus we started walking him on a leash like a dog. He loves it, but now cries at the door all the time to go out. I haven't seen any peeing, but its only been three days. So if you see someone walking her cat, that crazy person is me. It might be easier to put me on prozac! Oh sigh!

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Suzanne said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your peeing problem. I had a cat that did that and nothing worked to get him to stop. We finally had to "get rid of him" and it just broke my heart. I cried for days but I just couldn't live in a house that smelled like cat pee! My favorite cat of all times was Darrell Strawberry that looked just like your Bengal. He was a stray and very smart. After seeing your photos I wonder if he was a Bengal. Keep us posted on your saga.