Monday, November 3, 2008

Doxie Duo

I grew up with a dachshund named Tiffany. My husband bought me a mini doxie for our anniversary three years ago. She is Zoey Lou. When I met Candra, I met someone who really struck a cord in my creative soul. For one, she started my obsession in the whole digital side of my scrapbooking. Secondly she has three doxies, with Bella being her baby just as zoey is my little ladie. Today I kept thinking about the picture of Candra's little monkey-Bella and had to whip up a quick layout. Which then I had to create a layout for Zoey Lou. I bet Zoey and Bella will be fast friends too!
What a cute little monkey!
And of course my little hot dog is sooooooo cute
Happy Monday. Now onward to turkey!

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